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  Our Products
Hydraulic Power Pack
PLC Control Power Pack
Special Purpose Test Stand
Hydraulic Cylinder
Header Assembly
CNC Component
SAE Flanges
Coupling (KTR MAKE)
Automation (GUDEL)
Drive & Linear Technology
Modules & Gantry Robots
Hydraulics Accessories (Stauff)
Drive & Linear Technology
Drive Technology
Wide range
Standardised component sets
Unique measuring accuracy
Dependable replacement part management
Gudel  is one of the leading Manufacturer of drive systems components.Complete ranges of standard products are manufactured in switzerland and Germany using state of art machine tools and unique quality Measuring systems. You are assured of consistent quality short delivery period through our global distribution network.
Rack & Pinions
Straight teeth Metric Pitch
Straight teeth Modular Pitch
Hardened and ground
Precision cut
Precision cut & ground
Worms & Worm Wheels
Seven sizes
10  transmission ratios.
Hollow or worms with shaft.
Backlash <3 arc min
Planetary Gearboxes
Low Weight .compact design of the power train and its integrated pinion. High performance, high efficiency, low noise levels, Backlash < I arcmin
Bevel Gears & Bevel Gear Units
Worm Gear Assemblies & Units
The large variety of range should enable one to choose the right component for specific application.
Linear Technology
High speeds
Integral drive concept
Insensitive to dirt/dust
Rust resistant
Due to racks incorporated in linear guideways our linear /   technology components are suitable for high dynamic and accurate positioning systems.These systems are available in flat as well as vee guide concept.
Medium-duty series
The guide way system for medium duty applications is based on standardized guideway rollers and vee bars.The system is especially suitable for applications requiring high velocities, low friction, exact positioning and quiet operation.
Heavy-duty series
The guideway system for heavy duty applications is based on standardized roller supports with three integrated roller bearings, guideways with and without racks, drive units and tubular steel profiles with guideways.The system is especially suited for high axial and radial loads, high moment ratings, high rigidity and quiet operation.
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